Turkey Leads European Holiday Value in 2020

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As we look forward to the upcoming 2020 season we reflect on how the UK having left the EU might impact our guests. Now for the first time both Turkey and the UK are both aligned outside of the EU. Turkey has been in EU accession talks for the last twenty years and it is widely interpreted that Turkey has now decided to forge a future outside of the EU, similar to the UK.

Guests deciding to visit Turkey this season will discover that it is a simple process to complete the visa paperwork. It is very easy for visitors to purchase a tourist visa online. If you forget you can even purchase your visa in cash as you enter Turkey!

Turkey also continues to be the best value for money tourist destination in Europe. The extremely favourable exchange rate for the Turkish Lira ensures that your holiday is affordable so you can enjoy a higher quality holiday with a lower budget.

Please contact us if you have any questions on visiting Turkey this season. We look forward to welcoming you and your family at our luxurious villas in Turkey with private pools.

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