Preparations for the new 2013 season

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We are now preparing our villas for the new 2013 season. As we shiver in this long winter it is hard to imagine that it is now nearly 20 degrees in Orhaniye and the rainy season is nearly over.

Luxury Villas on the Bozburun Peninsula

Luxury Villas on the Bozburun Peninsula

Normally April in the village is very busy as people are preparing for the new season.

In the marina it is the time that the yachts are being prepared to be put back in the water ready for their owners.

During the winter months all the parking areas of the marina are filled with an expensive collection of yachts being repaired and undergoing routine maintenance like anti fouling etc. As the season starts there is a sophisticated game of chess as the yachts that are booked to go back in the water first are positioned nearest the boat lift.

By the start of the season most of the charter yachts will be back in the water, ready for their first guests.

The local hotels also use April to get ready as it is the first month after the winter that is normally free of rain. Because of this April is always busy as everybody is getting ready for the new season.

It is because of this April surge in work that most hotels start their seasons in May, giving them enough time to get ready.

Whatever time you visit Orhaniye this season you will find everybody ready for business so you can experience the rural Turkish hospitality that makes a holiday in Orhaniye very special.

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