New Marmaris Bal Evi (Honey House)

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The Marmaris Chamber of Commerce has opened this season the new Marmaris Bal Evi (Honey House) in the village of Osmaniye on the Bozburun Peninsula.

It is part museum, and part education facility as it is being used to teach best practice techniques to the local bee makers.

Honey is an important part of the local economy, over 85% of the world’s Pine Honey is produced locally so it is an important national asset.

The village of Osmaniye is perched on top of the hills surrounding Orhaniye so it is very high up and has clear air and weather similar to that found on the plains of Mugla.

It is surrounded by Pine trees so a good place to build the new honey house as it can support the bee hives that the centre also looks after.

You can view pictures of the Marmaris Bal Evi here.

Marmaris Bal Evi (Honey House)

Marmaris Bal Evi (Honey House)




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