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Luxury Villa Anni Sleeps 4/6

Fabulous Luxury Villa Anni | Very Private Pool

Villa Anni Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Is the villa private?

Yes. The villa is unique and our Architect Nurtan Onur has ensured that the villa makes full use of its rural location.
Rest assured you are NOT on an estate sharing with other guests!

Villa Nurtan, Villa Anni and Villa Lale are five minutes walk away from each other in the same small valley called Kecibuku in Orhaniye.

Are your villas all together?

No. They are all unique properties set in their own land, about 5 minutes walk away from each other in the same valley called Kecibuku. 

You cannot see one from another. For a Google satellite map showing exactly where the villas are in the valley, please browse the website.

Where is the nearest airport?

Dalaman (DLM) is the nearest airport to Orhaniye, being one hour 40 minute transfer from the villa. Bodrum (BJV) is also possible, and is about an additional 30 mins transfer. You can get flights to Dalaman all the year. Check the website for more details of transfers. We can introduce you to our preferred partners for transfers and car hire so you can book their services under separate contract with them.

Please book your flights directly with the charter airline as you may lose your flights with a charter if you have booked them through an agent that subsequently goes into administration before you fly.

Airport transfers - how long?

Allow one hour 40 mins from Dalaman and 30 mins more if you arrive at Bodrum. Izmir airport is 4 hours away and not recommended. Check the website for more details. We can introduce you to our preferred partners for transfers and car hire so you can book their services under separate contract with them.

Do we need a car when staying at the villa?

It is not essential as the bay and restaurants are all within walking distance. However when it is very hot a car is advisable. If you eat at the local restaurants, they will pick you up from the villa and drop you off. 

If you want to explore the Bozburun or Datca peninsula, you can hire a car by the day and have it delivered to the villa. 
Check the website for more details. When driving please carry your UK driving license and/or your passport as photo ID should be carried with you at all times when you are in Turkey, and you may be stopped at a police checkpoint and asked for it.

Can we arrive very early or leave late?

We have an arrangement with a local Hotel so that if your flight arrives very early in the morning of your arrival day you can go directly to the Hotel and spend the day swimming and eating there before being transferred to the villa when it has been cleaned and is ready for you. The hotel is set on the edge of Orhaniye bay with a large swimming pool.

Similarly if you have a very late flight home on your leaving day you can spend the day at the Hotel and leave directly from there after dinner for your flight home. They can also supply rooms if you want to rest.

Does the villa have Internet access?

Yes the villa has Broadband Internet access via WiFi throughout the villa. The Villa Broadband uses a TTNET business-grade Internet connection. The villa also has a business telephone with free calls from the villa to anywhere in the world.

It has a London number so callers can call the villa from the UK for the price of a local call, not International call rates.

Is the pool shared?

No. The pool is completely private and for the sole use of you when you stay at the villa. We have invested in a new 100% ecological pool cleaning system that completely avoids the need to use any caustic chemicals in the pool.

We have also invested in an industrial soft water management system and two Electronic Limescale Preventer Systems in each villa that softens the very hard village water into low pH soft water for the villa and pool. We have a private water mains system between the villas to maintain water supplies, with several thousand litres of backup water stored in the villas.

The water in this system is pumped from our private well that is 80 metres deep.

Why are the locals so friendly?

Our guests always comment how friendly the people are in Orhaniye. Turkish culture is very welcoming. Also, our guests are well received in the community as the villa is like a community project.

Our Turkish architect used craftsmen from the village to build the villa so we are all proud of the villa as it represents a showcase for the wonderful craftsmen who live in the village.

Why should we stay in this villa?

Quality. The villa is beautiful and built by local crasftsmen.

Community. Be part of a rural Turkish community - all the team live locally.

Private. The villa is unique and set apart, you are not surrounded by other villas in an estate. You will not have any British neighbours. We believe in low impact eco-tourism so the villa is run as a community village project. Please see website for more details.

Sustainable. We have gone to enormous trouble to ensure that our villas have a minimal impact on the resources of the village.


Can I book the villa for next year?

Yes, we recommend booking early as our villas are very popular and many of our guests return every year. You can check availability for the next season at the calendar page on the website. Please book early if you want school holiday dates as these weeks always book out first.

Can we bring DVDs to watch?

Yes. There is a DVD player in the villa that plays Region 2 DVDs, the same as the UK. We have a supply of films in the villa, but please feel free to bring any favourite films with you.

Do the local restaurants accept credit cards?

Most do, but as a rule, rural Turkey is largely a cash economy so cash is much preferred. All the nearby Hotels and larger restaurants in Orhaniye will accept credit cards if you are running short of Turkish Lira cash.

Do we need a visa to enter Turkey?

Yes, but it is very easy. The Turkish Government operates a simple 3 month tourist visa stamp that is purchased as you arrive at the airport. No forms or fuss. Currently, the visa is 10 GBP per person. You can now also buy your Tourist visa online.

Do we need to bring power adaptors?

Yes if you are bringing a lot of personal electronic items you want to use in your room. In the lounge by the TV you will find a 4-way UK plug power strip with Euro adaptor fitted so you can plug in 4 x UK plug appliances without needing any further adaptors.

The voltage is 220V, around the same as the UK so no transformer is required for UK appliances. Appliances like hair dryers, steam iron, iPOD charger etc are already in the villa so no need to bring any normal travel appliances.

The villa also has a 20KW voltage regulator that protects our guests from the fluctuating village electric supply.

Do we need to bring a hair dryer?

No, each bedroom in the villa should have a hair dryer in the drawer of the dressing table.

Can we watch British TV channels?

No. The TV only reliably receives Turkish satellite channels. We have tried several times to get BBC World, but it always seems to fail! Sometimes, major sporting events like the F1 grand prix are shown on TRT1 with a Turkish sound track. 

Most of the local Hotels have sports channels on their TVs so you can often watch the big football matches there. 

Do we need to bring bed linen?

No. We supply all bed linen, which is changed twice weekly.

Do we need to bring towels?

Yes. Please bring your own towels for the pool and beach. We supply all the other towels for use in the villa.

Do we need to speak any Turkish?

No. You will not need any Turkish to get around in Orhaniye, but a few words of greeting will always be welcome and result in a smile. See the website videos and villa book for an introduction to Turkish.

Also our friends in the village can give you an introduction to Turkish which is great fun and you can then practice your new Turkish!

Do you have a cot and high chair?

Yes, we have both in the villa. Please let us know in advance if you need a cot or high chair.

What are the villa arrival/departure times?

On changeover days we ask our guests to try and arrive on or after 16:00 and we ask our guests to leave by 10:30. Of course, we are flexible and try to work around all schedules. In the busy high season we ask our guests to keep to these times so we have enought time to clean the villa.

We have an arrangement with a local Hotel so that if your flight arrives very early in the morning of your arrival day you can go directly to the Hotel and spend the day swimming and eating there before being transferred to the villa when it has been cleaned and is ready for you.

Similarly if you have a very late flight home on your leaving day you can spend the day at the Hotel and leave directly from there after dinner for your flight home. They can also supply rooms if you want to rest.

What happens if anybody falls ill?

The pharmacies in Marmaris have greater dispensing powers than the UK so they can deal with a lot of minor ailments. In Turkey, people use hospitals in the same way we might use a doctor. There is a pharmacy in our nearest village.

The hospitals in Marmaris are very good and English is spoken.

You can call the local hospital from the free phone in the villa - the number is already stored in the phone.

What is in the welcome pack?

The welcome pack contains enough supplies to tide you over for a meal or two. This gives you enough time to find the local shops and get established in the village.

What should we bring with us?

The absolute essentials are; beach towels (we supply towels for use in the villa), cash, credit cards and suncream. We also recommend you bring a torch and a sink plug if you want to wash in still water (Turks only wash in running water).

What travel insurance do we need?

Turkey is not part of the EU so the e111 European Health Insurance card is NOT valid. If you buy European travel insurance, check that Turkey is included (it normally is) and that it covers any sporting activity that you may want to do whilst in Turkey, eg Scuba Diving etc.

When is the changeover day?

Normally Saturdays in the peak periods. Outside peak periods by arrangement.

Where are the nearest ATMs?

Marmaris has the most ATMs locally and you can exchange sterling cash in any of the banks or exchange shops.

Where are the nearest shops?

There are three village shops in Orhaniye, walking distance from the villa. Marti Marina in Orhaniye also has a well stocked shop for the marina guests. The local village shops will deliver directly to the villa. For a big shop, you should go to the Kipa (Tesco), Tansas, or Migros in Marmaris. You can use the villa phone to order food from one of the local shops and it will be delivered by bike to your villa.

Where are the nearest restaurants?

The nearest restaurants are between 10 and 15 mins walk away from the villa.

If you call them using the free phone in the villa they will pop over and pick you up by car and bring you back as well.

Where is the nearest petrol station?

Sometimes you can buy petrol in Marti Marina in Orhaniye. Otherwise, there is a new petrol station on the road to Marmaris, and plenty of stations in Marmaris itself.

Can we pay for the villa by credit card?

Yes. You can now book our villas on TripAdvisor using a credit card, subject to their additional booking and payment processing fees. The TripAdvisor payment terms are 100% payment with booking.