Excitement of snow in Orhaniye…

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With the snow we are all experiencing now across the UK  it reminds me of the excitement going around the village of Orhaniye last winter with cries of ‘we have snow!’

Now for visitors from Istanbul snow is no big deal as it snows most winters in Istanbul and also Ankara but for the inhabitants of the balmy Bozburun Peninsula snow is really a big deal.

A friend informed us that they had snow in Orhaniye and was going to send me a picture to prove it to our friends back in the UK. A picture from his phone taken of the hills surrounding Orhaniye duly turned up by email.

Even allowing for a small picture from a phone we could hardly make out any trace of snow in the hills but possibly a small white smudge at the summit was enough for them to announce to the world that ‘we have snow!’

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