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When living in the UK we get used to a reliable and clean water supply supply, but in Orhaniye life is very different. All the villages along the Bozburun Peninsula have erratic water supplies, especially villages like Selimiye, where construction of many illegal houses and historically bad supply means that often there is no water available during the day in the summer, so is transported to houses by water trucks.

To protect our guests in Orhaniye against this infrastructure we have invested in our own water wells and private water distribution system. The final element of our water infrastructure was improving the Marmaris water supply to Villa Nurtan. So after the last guests left Villa Nurtan we started a big project that required us to dig up nearly 200m of lanes in order to lay a new large bore water pipe from Villa Nurtan to directly connect with the main water pipe feeding Kecibuku, our part of Orhaniye.

Building new water mains supply

As you can see from the picture it was a major project involving hiring a JCB, driver and team for three days to complete all the earthwork and plumbing. Now we have a new mains water supply that is safely buried beneath rock running up the middle of the lane, so no chance of getting damaged by cars.

To complete the improvements in Villa Nurtan we have also installed two electronic de-scaling systems as the water in very hard. Now in each villa we have 7000 litres of backup water, industrial water softening unit, with the two electronic cleaning systems and minimum of four filters, with industrial water compressor.

All these features ensure our guests happily take showers anytime and never run out of water, regardless of what is happening to the public water supply on the Bozburun Peninsula.

After installing all this technology in the villas to provide a reliable water supply we never take water for granted now. When you next open a tap I hope this gives you some insight into what your water company has invested in to protect us, and keep the water running.




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