A trip to Göreme, Cappadocia

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If you are thinking of taking in Istanbul either on your way to the Bozburun Peninsula, or on the way back, you should consider going via Göreme in Cappadocia.

You can either fly to Göreme via Istanbul, or alternatively take the convenient overnight bus directly from Marmaris. If you are interested in this option please contact us for more details. We travelled overnight and were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the coaches and services offered.

You can easily cover Göreme in 2 days so you can stay in Göreme on your way to Istanbul, and then fly home from Istanbul. Turkish Airlines and Pegasus both regularly from Göreme, with reasonable fares.

If you visit you have to take a balloon ride to experience the fantastic scenery. Every morning you will see up to 100 balloons gently floating over Göreme. There is a sunrise observation area on top of a local hill that is well worth the effort of getting up early.

The balloons are carefully controlled, flown by experienced pilots over controlled airspace. For an introduction to what to expect if you take a balloon ride in Göreme, Cappadocia, please see the video below.


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